Dust Mite Covers: The Best Way to Get Rid of Dust Mites for Good

Dust mite covers are a great way to protect yourself from the allergens and irritants that come with dust mites. These covers can be found in mattress and allergy stores, as well as online, and come in a variety of materials. Plastic or vinyl covers with zippers are the best option for those who suffer from dust mite allergies, as they help to seal in allergens and prevent them from entering the air. When looking for a dust mite cover, it is important to consider the pore size of the material.

If the pores are too large, dust mites and pet dander can penetrate the material. However, if the cover is water resistant and does not let dust mites in, then it should be sufficient. The best type of cover for dust mite allergies is one with durable stitching and a full zip cover. Mattress covers are especially useful for those who suffer from dust mite allergies as they limit contact with dust mites and bedbugs.

When using a mattress cover, it is important to clean the room first and then place dust mite covers for the mattress, pillow and duvet cover. It is also important to use warm water if the manufacturer recommends it as dust mites cannot survive temperatures above 130 degrees Fahrenheit. A good cover for bedbugs will have nowhere for them to slip away, while a good cover for dust mites has a very woven fabric but is not so well sealed at the seams or zippers. The Allergy Store offers a wide selection of mattress covers for people with dust mite allergies in various fabrics and prices.

The patented BugLock safety seal uses three zippers to block dust mites and bedbugs, while the polyurethane back makes it waterproof. This cover protects against dust mites, insects, and spills while minimizing exposure to plastic chemicals. But if you're sensitive to dust mites, you don't want your mattress to absorb them, and that's where the cover comes into play. They make your bare mattress look much better and allow you to sleep peacefully, since you know that dust mites aren't infesting your mattress or coming out of an old mattress.

Dust mite covers are an effective way to protect yourself from allergens and irritants caused by these tiny creatures.

Brittany Kleck
Brittany Kleck

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